Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

What is the best Engineered Wood Flooring for you?

Brushed herringbone
Brushed herringbone

Engineered wood flooring is a form of parquet that mixes both classical and modern technologies. Fitting parquet flooring of this kind will be very beneficial for you as it combines the look and warmth of natural materials together with the benefits of modern engineering.

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Engineered parquet is made of natural wood, just like the massive parquet, but made of several layers of glued wood. Although installing engineered wood flooring may seem little bit more complicated floor installers claim that it is just as easy and simple as the regular solid wood. The top layer is usually a more expensive and hardened wood. This is between 3 and 6 mm thick and acts as the face of the parquet. The type of wood used in this parquet can range from standard wood to very rare and exotic wood.


Different type of installation

Based on the type of fitting and the type of individual pieces, there are  several types of engineered parquet. It can consist of separate relatively small parquet floors, similar to traditional solid parquet. Alternatively, it can be in the form of larger boards consisting of glued individual pieces of wood, more like laminated parquet. As a result this type of parquet can be installed as a solid floor, glued or screwed to the base. We can also fit it for you with a glued “punch”, or “click” system, or one similar to laminated flooring. With this type of installation, the flooring doesn’t remain bonded to the base.

Advantage of the engineered wood parquet

Engineered Rustic Oak flooring finished
Engineered Rustic Oak flooring finished

As engineered floor is made from natural wood. You will also find helpful that moisture has almost no effect on this type of floor. It is suitable for rooms and regions with high moisture or where there is a sudden change in moisture. Moreover, if some accidental damage does occur, engineered floor repairs are quick and easy for us to fix for you. Depending on your floor we can do it in as little as few hours.

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