Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood parquet

Solid wood flooring/parquet installation is offered in a wide variety of widths, lengths and colours and it creates comfort, warmth and a unique beauty wherever it is installed. Choosing a wooden floor guarantees easy maintenance and easier cleaning.

If you are looking for a long lasting real parquet flooring, this is the way to go. Being known for its many positive characteristics such as being extremely strong and long lasting, oak is preferred in many homes.

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Solid oak boards with oil finished hallway
Solid oak boards with oil finished hallway

The life span of each wooden floor does not depend only on the type of wood, but also on the professional wood floor installation and correct maintenance. Having worked for 18 years as a hard wood floor specialist and parquet flooring specialist I know that proper flooring installation will enable you to avoid costly wood floor repair.

How we fix it

Different techniques are used in parquet fitting. We do not recommend the usage of nails to fit the new parquet on a wooden surface. We do it through screwing, which eliminates the potential squeaks with time and makes the fitting much stronger.

Rustic Oak 160 mm
Rustic Oak 160 mm

The other option is to glue the solid wood parquet on a concrete surface of wooden foundation.

Perfect finish

For a better finish, we cut the already existing skirting-boards and place wood beneath them. As a result, this creates a more beautiful and perfect finish to obtain maximum style flooring important both for a customer but also professional floor installer.

It is a privilege and an honour  for me as professional flooring specialist to work in your home; therefore, we feel obliged to clean everything to a high standard once we have got the job done.

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