Floor Restoration

Wood floor restoration

With our wood floor restoration we can make an old floor look like new. We use the latest and advanced techniques to bring your floor back to life. Give your floor a fresh new look with our floor restoration methods today. Have a look at our past work in the following photos. Why not see for yourself the end results of restored floors by us?

During the floor restoration process we use dust collecting machines for the old surface and professional vacuum cleaners. Moreover, this makes the process almost completely dust free and ensures that everything is clean after the job is done.

After the floor restoration we use hard oils and polyurethane coating to protect the floor. The choice of finish is yours. We can make recommendations depending on your floor.

After the floor restoration we use hard oils and polyurethane coating to protect the floor. Restoration is the process varies upon the customers choice in finish.

How we protect the wood after restoration

The oil enriches the wood, makes it stronger and protects from the influence of outside factors. Therefore, it reveals the natural grain of the wood. This makes it look and feel beautiful. The cover is restored very easily, but it requires an ongoing maintenance regime.

Polyurethane coatings create a thin, yet strong, top protective layer. This type of floor finish is relatively maintenance free.

If you are looking for the best floor restoration  simply call us. One of our wood floor specialist will come and visit you on site. As a result, you will get the best estimate and detailed explanation to get the job done.

We will gladly share with you the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years. We love restoring wooden floors to keep them looking amazing.

Our parquet flooring specialist will do the best to provide you with an excellent and detailed job. This is to ensure you get the value you deserve.

Once your floors have been restored we will provide you with simple and easy steps to keep your floor looking new and beauty for years.

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