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Art mosaic pattern
Art mosaic pattern

With our skills and expertise we can install your dream parquet floor that you will enjoy for many years to come. Simply give us a call or write to us to arrange a quote and view some parquet samples. Alternatively, if you’ve already got parquet from somewhere else we can come and fit it for you. Save yourself the hassle and relax while we do the hard work for you!

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Herringbone with double border
Herringbone with double border

The type of parquet known as herringbone parquet has excellent qualities –  both technical and aesthetic. This herringbone parquet flooring style otherwise known as French parquet originated in France and has become extremely popular in the whole of Europe. Flooring specialists, floor installers and wood floor specialists in general claim that this solid wood parquet is the most reliable and durable amongst the other options within the choice range of natural wood flooring available. As parquet flooring specialists, we totally agree with that opinion and when it comes to installing and everyday use of natural wood parquet flooring, herringbone parquet is the best option possible.

This type of wooden parquet flooring made from blocks of different sizes, can take the form of various geometrical patterns in order to create a beautiful and decorative structure. The most common types are Fish Bone, Double Fish Bone and Square, although one can find many others.

Different variety of wood

As far as real parquet flooring is concerned – oak is by far the most popular wood type being used in parquet floors. This is caused by the fact that oak is not only extremely durable but also sturdy. With the use of special adhesives, the blocks are stuck down on a clean, dry, and dust free surface which eliminates the possibility of the blocks being moved away from each other or create bumps and unevenness in the floor surface. In order to create a more impressive finish, we cut the already existing skirting-boards and place wood beneath them.

Sanding Pine parquet flooring
Pine parquet flooring

After the parquet has been installed, the next step is to sand it with special machines and add a finishing protective layer. This layer additionally could be waxed or polished.

On customer’s request, the finishing layer can be made matt, semi-matt or glossy. Varnishing and waxing adds yet another protective layer to the already existing parquet to provide extra durability.

As parquet is made of natural wood, it can be renovated time and time again through scraping.

Finishing  the wood parquet flooring

Varnishing and waxing is basically adding an extra layer on the already processed parquet. The purpose of this is to protect the parquet, maintain it clean and shiny. It could be done with a roller or brush.

Natural parquet could be renovated through scraping multiple times, as this is natural wood and it has isolating and aesthetic qualities.

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