The Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Next Flooring (And How To Maintain It)

Choosing the right floorThe Ultimate Guide To Buying Your Next Flooring (And How To Maintain It)

In every property one of the bigger expenses after paying for the property is the flooring supply and installation. This makes it especially important to choose the right flooring. Choosing a wooden floor such as parquet flooring or engineered flooring over tiles, laminate or vinyl can really make a difference over the long term in terms of the floor’s durability, condition, and long-lasting lifespan. Having a wooden floor could have between 20-100 years lifespan and some over 100! Therefore, over the long term it is a very reasonable investment.

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What type of flooring should you choose?

Wooden flooring is probably the most popular choice for homeowners and some commercial property owners. A great choice for most people as well as people, who work from home and have a home office, where they welcome from time to time clients, is the parquet flooring.

The parquet flooring system comes in woodgrain finish and then you can choose from the traditional natural, mineral or brown colours as well as more innovative colours that are coming to the market in the recent years. However, it is important to think about what you will be using this floor for. If you are using this property as a living space you may want having it flowing in all rooms.

You need to look at the cost of buying enough material for your home or commercial property. We recommend you to consider natural oak as one of the most preferred and affordable options.

Benefits of choosing parquet flooring?

Mainly, that the floor will be made of real wood. This flooring will be more durable than a laminate one and can be maintained over the years. The reason why many are preferring this type of flooring over the other is because it is easy to maintain.

There is hardly any maintenance required on the wooden floors since they are made of genuine wood. In addition to that, these floors have real warmth and character that will last you the entire lifetime of the house. This makes a very desirable flooring for many people and ensures that you do not have to replace the floor more than once in the lifetime of the property.

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Good to know about parquet flooring?

It is cost-effective – parquet flooring is very cost-effective, especially if you have a small budget for a new kitchen or a home improvement project. It also can be the perfect floor for a small apartment.

Parquet flooring does not require any special modifications to fit into your existing kitchen and the way the floor is laid out can make it easy to clean as there are no visible seams. When you take into account the lifespan of such a floor it justifies the initial investment because it will be worth it over the long term.

What is the difference between engineered wood flooring and solid parquet flooring?

There are many different engineered wood flooring products on the market. Parquet flooring is one of the most well-known and most durable because it is a solid piece of wood compared to an all-engineered wood flooring. You can find wood engineered flooring in wood plank, solid, hybrid and vinyl options.

In fact, parquet flooring is called ‘parquet’ because it is arranged in a certain way on the floor but the wood used for it could be either solid or a hybrid i.e. engineered wood. They are the same in terms of how they look, but they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hybrid wood parquet flooring is a blend of solid wood and wood engineered flooring. Both flooring options are extremely long lasting and easy to care for. The main difference is usually the price range and your personal preference.

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Why should I choose a wooden floor over tiles, laminate, or vinyl?

For many, the natural look of wood is more appealing and a preference. It could look equally beautiful and sophisticated with glass, stone or tile, but the elegant and luxurious look with wood appeals to most people, which is why if you’re renting or selling a property having a wooden floor gives you to some degree an advantage. Wooden floors also have the advantage of not staining or shedding.

They have little maintenance needs in general and can be protected against the elements. Some wear and tear are expected over the years but quickly fixed with sanding if your floor allows it. Usually, a floor is recommended to be sanded every 10-20 years. On average a solid wood floor can be sanded 7 times. There are many other benefits to choosing wood over the other floor types.

The biggest drawback, though, is the more challenging installation. If you want to do the floor yourself, you might want to save your money and go with the other floor types. Having a professional do it like our team at Favourite Flooring will save you a lot of money from mistakes and time if you tried to do it yourself.

How to maintain your wood floors?

To avoid expensive maintenance cost, there are several easy things that you could do. Avoid scratches and wear in the most used places for walking. You can also have a cordless dust collection system. An area rug underneath the furniture. Wooden floorings are always scratch prone so you must make sure that you get a flooring expert to apply an oil or wax.

Clean the floor often. Prevent splinters. Avoid to slide heavy furniture or furniture that can pose a risk of a splinter. Have the right cleaning equipment and tools. Keep a broom and dustpan nearby. Use them to keep the floor clean. Maintain it regularly. You can do this using the product that is recommended for the respective product with which you floor is finished.

Give yourself plenty of time. In general, it takes 1.5 times longer to do flooring replacement than it does to do new floor installation.

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Q: So what do I need to keep in mind when buying flooring?

A: First, we always recommend our clients to keep in mind the material. Wood flooring is a fantastic investment that will last long. It is a material that requires less maintenance and is one of the most durable. There are different types of wood flooring, and each material has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Wood is the most traditional and durable type. It is a warm, natural material and is a great alternative to tiles or vinyl floors. It requires constant maintenance, and you will need to replace it as it cracks and peels off. Wood may last a long time, but it needs to be maintained so it is very much cost effective over the long term.


There are lots of options when it comes to your flooring; choosing the right one is a great way to increase the value of your property. The flooring that you choose will have a big impact on your property value as well as your comfort and safety. This guide should help you make a great choice that will last a long time, for years to come.

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