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2nd November 2021by Favourite-Flooring

Need Someone to Sand Your Wooden Floor?

New BONA Sanding Machine

The new Bona sanding machine is a new way to sand floors. This machine has many benefits that are not found in traditional sanders. Bona products are some of the most environmentally friendly, and their sanding machine has a design that provides better comfort and ergonomics for the worker. This new design requires less dust and noiseless operation. Here, we’ll talk about what makes this machine so great and why your wooden floor will love it.

Wood Floor Sanding

Let Us Revive Your Floor With Our New Sanding Machine and 15+ Years Experience

About Our Floor Sanding Techniques

We all know sanding can be a necessary part of the project when it comes to smoothing out the surface of a piece of wood. In order to get that high quality sanding done, you need a sanding machine with an excellent sandpaper.

We’ve been using sanding machines from different companies over the years and have found out which ones are the best to use for each type of wooden floor. But now, there’s a new upgraded sanding machine in town: Bona! This sanding machine provides an even better sandpaper experience combined with our years of practice and mastery. Now, read on to find out how Bona is going to change your life and your floor.

  • The sanding machine has long been the backbone of any successful wood floor restoration.
  • Innovative new sanding machines like Bona are making sanding more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Comfort And Efficiency

With an ergonomic design that takes into account comfort and efficiency, this machine is perfect for anyone looking to get the best sanding experience possible, which is why it’s part of our team now.


Designed with the needs of both professional and DIY users in mind, Bona offers a range of features that make sanding easier.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a sanding machine important?

A good sanding machine is important for your home because without it you cannot renovate the floor. It can make a huge difference in how long it will take to complete the project and the level of quality.


Do I need to sand my floor?

We know the best sanding techniques to improve the look of your floor depending on its condition and material. Get in touch today to find out what we recommend for your property.

Can I sand the floor myself?

Sanding floors is not an easy task for a new person and could also be dangerous without appropriate health and safety measures.

It can be hard to keep your floor’s finish intact and for you to get the right machines, materials and right level of sanding.

This is where our 15+ years of experience comes in handy because we know what we are doing. Don’t risk messing up your floor. It’s a mistake that could cost you thousands to fix. 

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