Engineered Wood Flooring

BENEFITS OF HAVINGEngineered Wood Flooring

Five of the key benefits to have engineered wood flooring are:
Engineered wood flooring is a form of natural wood parquet that mixes both classical and modern technologies. It combines the look and warmth of natural materials together with the benefits of modern engineering.
Engineered wood flooring will for sure pay off over the years for you and your family. Choose a top wooden layer based on your budget - from great budget friendly standard woods such as oak to rare and exotic ones. It offers lasting quality; it is easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, it is allergy-friendly compared to other floor solutions because pollen, dust, pet dander or mould do not get trapped into your floor.
Moisture has limited effect on this type of floor compared to other natural wood floors. It is suitable for rooms and regions with generally higher moisture levels such as the UK. If there are sudden changes in the air moisture it is less prone to damage, which increases its longevity.
If your engineered wood floor gets accidentally damaged the repairs are quick and very straightforward. Depending on your floor if you have one installed already, then with our equipment we could do it in as little as few hours.
Engineered wood flooring is very durable. Even with the usual wear and tear it can last for many years. With moderate use you could expect between 25 - 35 years before a quick maintenance service.

OUR SERVICESEngineered Wood Flooring Installation

For over 20 years we have transformed more than 1200 homes with beautiful parquet flooring. We have comprehensive insurance and we treat everyone we work with like family.
For a hassle free experience - this package offers the supply and delivery of engineered wood flooring to your home at a really competitive price. It also includes the installation by our fitters. The only thing you need to do is choose the wood of your favourite floor from our range of samples.

On the other hand, if you wish to have your top layer of engineered wood flooring customised from a more exotic or rare wood, please let us know. We have connections with wood companies and may be able to find what you are after.
If you buy engineered wood flooring from somewhere else and you need a fitting company to install it, then with this package our skilled and experienced fitters will get the job done for you.


We strive for precision and perfection in every inch when it comes to engineered wood flooring. We care, love and look after our floors so that they bring joy to you for decades. Home is where family is built and every home deserves to have a favourite floor.

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ABOUT OUR SERVICESEngineered Wood Flooring Installation & Maintenance

Whether you want to update your current engineered wood flooring or install a new one, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.
What floor type is right for me?

Engineered wood flooring is made of natural wood, just like the massive parquet, but made of several layers of glued wood.The top layer is usually a more expensive and hardened wood. This is between 3 and 6 mm thick and acts as the face of the parquet. The type of wood used in this parquet can range from standard to very rare and exotic. Oak is by far the most popular type for engineered wood flooring. This is because oak is not only extremely durable but also very sturdy.

What engineered wood flooring patterns can I have?

Based on the type of fitting and the type of individual pieces, there are several types of engineered parquet. It can consist of separate relatively small parquet floors, similar to traditional solid parquet. Alternatively, it can be in the form of larger boards consisting of glued individual pieces of wood, more like laminated parquet. As a result this type of parquet can be installed as a solid floor, glued or screwed to the base. We can also fit it for you with a glued “punch”, or “click” system, or one similar to laminated flooring. With this type of installation, the flooring does not remain bonded to the base.

How much will it cost?

The quotation is estimated based on your needs and demands so that we can provide a competitive and affordable price. In the event that you have a limited budget we also provide advice and recommendations of what you could do to keep your costs down but still get the results and quality that you want from your floor.

Engineered Wood Flooring InstallationWood quality speaks for itself

Before and After

Engineered wood flooring is a great modern alternative to carpets, vinyl and laminate floors. Moreover, it has excellent qualities – both technical and aesthetic. The top layer is made of natural wood while the others are engineered in a specific way to be able to provide you with long term quality and durability while coping with the UK climate and high humidity during certain months of the year.

After - Engineered Wood Flooring

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In short, after installing the engineered wood flooring the next step is to sand it with special machines and add a finishing protective layer. This layer additionally can be waxed or polished. On customer’s request, the finishing layer can be Matte, Semi-Matte or Glossy.

Furthermore, varnishing and waxing adds yet another protective layer to the already existing parquet to provide extra durability. Because the wood is natural and solid it is possible to renovate it time and time again through scraping. Consequently, it makes it very cost efficient in the long run. General benefits of varnishing and waxing are:

Engineered Wood Floor PR3-11
Engineered Wood Flooring-17
Engineered Wood Flooring-15-featured
Engineered Wood Flooring-11
  • Water-based
  • Lasts longer
  • Water resistant quality
  • Needs to be replaced during restoration
  • Oil-based
  • Enhances the wood’s natural colour
  • Wood can absorb spilled water
  • No need to remove during restoration, wax is absorbed deep into the wood

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  • Avatar

    Joseph Provino
    5 months ago

    We found Danial through recommendation.
    We have used Danial and his team to update our staircases on the ground and the first floor.
    The finished job is astonishing!
    Danial has a lot of experience, is a great advise with an eye for detail
    … More and all the tools & techniques!
    He is supported a good team too.
    They worked outside under a marquee so that there was limited dust in the house (we are living in whilst they were working). And the work was cleaned every night.
    It took a good 4 days for us…
    also they agree to do a little extra work and polish our kitchen worktop (made of wood).
    We are very satisfied .. are would be happy to recommend Danial to anyone.. But to be honest the work speak by itself: people are coming to visit and are already asking for his details ..
  • Avatar

    Sue Fishlock
    9 months ago

    Daniel is so friendly, efficient and hard working. We are extremely happy with the results of our newly refurbished hardwood floor. He left everything spotless and the floor looks like new! Thank you for a brilliant service.
  • Avatar

    Chris Liddicott
    8 months ago

    Danail provided a competitive quote to replace our hallway flooring with solid wood parquet. The work was done to a very high standard and we are very pleased with the results.
  • Avatar

    Edward Aczel
    5 months ago

    Really pleased with the result, quick, helpful and produced great results